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What Is A Bio-identical Hormone?

What Is A Bio-identical Hormone? How Safe Is It Really? However, bio-identical hormone therapies love this website are not approved by the FDA. The idea is that bio-identical hormone therapy can be individually tailored to the person requiring it, generally a woman requiring post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy. According to manufacturers of gardenscapes cheats tool these products, they are safer than standard therapies. Again, none of the bio-identical hormone therapies are FDA-approved, so use practice caution if you抮e considering using one. For shopping purposes however, there are many websites that provide bio-identical hormone gels and so forth. For example, supersavermeds.com has a number of different gels and products like Progest Gel, which is a bio-identical form of progesterone according to the website. Although this is certainly intriguing, the directions are somewhat vague except for the hormones and supplements taken in pill form. It seems to require a great deal of experimentation in achieving the proper levels for females. There is a section for first-time users of these products that provides general guidelines apparently. Using their instructions for the Triest Gel, Progest Gel, and DHEA gel products in tandem, it says that you should apply it once in the morning after a bath. It also says that if there抯 no effect to Check our website either try increasing the amount or applying it a second time in the afternoon. Then it goes on to provide instructions for when to apply the other products and how to taper off from standard prescribed hormone therapies. As is pointed out, it does take time for hormones to be stored in body fat (which is correct) and that it may take two to three months for effects to be noticeable, a person might be better off sticking to their standard therapy. However, for those still interested in this course of action may want to pursue it. Considering the fact that you抮e apparently supposed to use all three products together, and that a bit of a caveat is included saying that you may have to experiment with the products for three to five days to determine the right amounts, it seems like a bit more trouble than it抯 worth.